What a joy to share a good word concerning my good friend Chris. I love to see a person minister with passion and Chris is full of Christ’s passion.  Chris is not only a gifted songwriter, singer and musician, but has a great heart for Jesus and a deep love for the church.  He has been a blessing to FBC Woodstock.  Use him and your people will thank you!
Johnny Hunt
Senior Pastor,
First Baptist Church of Woodstock

Nothing brings anymore joy to my life than people of God to keep me reminded of the joy of being saved.  Recently I met Chris McDaniel in a conference. I was preaching and was abundantly blessed by his singing and his ovenwhelming testimony about his glorious conversion when Jesus Christ became his life.  Without reservation I recommend this brother to every pastor who wishes to see his people come to a fresh love for the Lamb of God and the fullness of real joy.
Evangelist Bill Stafford

Chris McDaniel is a living testimony that God changes people from the inside out. He was a blessing to our church and will be the same to yours. It is refreshing to see someone who passionately follows Christ.  Use his ministry and be blessed!
Dr. Herb Reavis, Jr.
Senior Pastor
North Jacksonville Baptist Church
Jacksonville, Florida

Chris McDaniel is an unusual trophy of God’s grace! His life has been uniquely touched by the Lord’s transforming power.  Few men have ever been so high, fallen as far, and risen so triumphantly.  If anyone doubts that Jesus is a forgiving Savior who has the power to change the direction of a person’s life, they need to hear Chris! I love and admire him and hope pastors and churches will use him. I promise you he will bless you!
Evangelist Junior Hill

To meet the man and hear his message and his songs is worth the time and Chris McDaniel traveled the country singing for the world and now he is traveling the world singing for the King!  His genuine and sincere testimony laced with an infectious, sweet spirit crosses generations and cultural lines to let people know what a difference Jesus can make in a person’s life.  When you hear Chris and when you talk to the man you are blessed by him, but even more you are impressed with His Savior. Jesus has made a difference in his life and he wants everyone to how His wonderful Savior.
Jim Futral, Executive Director-Treasurer
Mississippi Baptist Convention Board

Chris McDaniel has a passion for Christ that radiates through his music. His testimony demonstrates that he truly is a trophy of God’s grace. His spirit and heart will encourage and bless your life. And his testimony will draw your community to your congregation. I recommend him wholeheartedly.
Phil Waldrep Ministries
Trinity, Alabama

It is with joy that I recommend to you the ministry of my friend Music Evangelist Chris McDaniel. Chris has ministered in our church and also in various meetings where I have spoken.  His passion is evident through a Music that edifies and extols, a Message that encourages and evangelizes and a Man that is excited and exalts the Savior!  You will be, as I have been, personally and powerfully blessed by the minis@ of this anointed servant of God. I encourage you to prayerfhlly consider using Music Evangelist Chris McDaniel!
Dr. David Smith
Senior Pastor
New Home Baptist Church
Pisgah, AL

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