Be Emptied.

A friend once explained himself to me like this: “I am just a vessel of God. I am a tall glass of water that God will place in front of you. It is up to you whether to drink of the water which God has given you, or not. Sometimes the water is bitter, sometimes sweet. But that is my life with God. I can not move from here to their on my own accord, but am moved by Him to the person I am supposed to sit in front of until He moves me elsewhere.” In that analogy resides the fibers of my heart as well, and it is the only reason that my fingers type post anything here. With that said, sup from this glass filled by His word for you. And tomorrow, when your glass is empty of the contents from the day before, let His word fill you with truth, and we will toast to a new day. “Holy Tenderness, I speak to you, My Love. As you draw near to the well of My heart, you look into its depths and see no end. I could be the water to the fountain of your heart the rest of your entire life if you would but empty yourself of every negative emotion that keeps you full. Holiness is the oil I will heal you with, and water from My well is the Love I give. Your sin is like the blood of others trying to be used by your heart to keep your body alive. But when any blood other than My own flows through you, know that it is only Mine that can keep you clean. My blood is without stain when spilt, without the ability to form a bruise, and with the ability to give you eternal life.              Empty the depths of your negative attitudes to Me and ask Me to fill you. Through this, you will watch your life turn from darkness toward the light of a new day. The gift of eternal life is to know Me as My Son knew Me while He inhabited the earth. My eternal life is set forth in those who call on My name in the Truth of My Spirit. Complete Joy and Grace I give to you in place of the diseases you’ve bore. Complete cleansing. Complete freedom. If you would only empty yourself in complete repentance and...
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